Moritomo Gakuen scandal is a plot of Prime Minister Abe


An idiot will not repent even if he dies


Prime Minister Abe planned to build a Shinto elementary school by dividing the site of the disaster prevention park (primary evacuation area)that the residents of Noda Town had decided to prepare for the Nankai Trough big earthquake into two. One was divided into Noda Central Park and one was Moritomo Gakuen.


First there is a conspiracy blueprint

Prime Minister Abe directed the Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance


Neither of the sites was to satisfy the requirement of the primary evacuation area(the area of 2 ㏊=20,000 or more)  by the division.


Noda Central Park(野田中央公園)9492㎡(Owned by the Ministry of Land:国土交通省所有)
Moritomo Gakuen(森友学園)8770㎡(Owned by the Ministry of Land:国土交通省所有)
Noda Central Second Park野田中央第2公園)1425㎡(owned by Toyonaka-city:豊中市所有)
The total area of the three places is
19687㎡ 2


Three places are recognized in the primary evacuation area together with other requirements.


In addition, he tried to divert national taxes without using his own money to realize both things


In order to secure land for Noda Central Park, subsidies were allocated, and in order to secure the site of Moritomo Gakuen, Kinki Local Finance Bureau sold the site to Moriho Gakuen with only 2 million yen in exchange for a large amount of garbage removal cost.


Ultimately, Moritomo Gakuen secured site of 956 million yen for 2 million yen.

Conspiracy began with
the Kinki Bureau of Treasury refusing the request for free loan of construction site of Toyonaka disaster prevention park (primary evacuation site) and letting it purchase.

Next, t
he 116th "National Property Kinki District Council" plotted a resolution not to make Noda Central Park a disaster prevention park.

This conspiracy can only be done by Abe who is in the position of prime minister.

The most prominent evidence is the minutes of the 116th "National Property Kinki District Council".

目 次

● 第116回 国有財産近畿地方審議会


The meeting between Prime Minister Abe and Mr. Kagoike Moriho Gakuen Chairperson was 2007.

 Ordinary property
 Free lending to  Ishikawa Prefecture
Toyonaka city had originally hoped to borrow that state-owned land from the country free of charge and to construct a disaster prevention park(primary evacuation site).
However, around 2007-2008, the country said, "Land can not be rented at free, the country would like Toyonaka city to buy it by 2010, if Toyonaka city can not do it, the country will sell it."(Comment of Mr. Makoto Kimura, Member of Toyonaka City Assembly)

"Ordinary property" is a property other than "administrative property", in addition to land that was delivered as the site of the government building / dormitory and inheritance tax, government-owned shares etc. are included, and in principle,
the Minister of Finance controls and dispose of it.
Some are
publicly lendable to local public entities such as park site such as Yoyogi Park and Osaka Castle Park and others are used as a place for relaxation by the people.

It is not that we only need to sell higher、but we want a way of selling that can contribute to the area.
Strengtheing collaboration with local governments、building towns、and urban development are important.

The target property is about 9500 m2 of land located at 1505 Noda-cho, Toyonaka city.
It is a case to sell off to Toyonaka city as a city park functioning as an evacuation place at the time of a disaster such as a big earthquake disaster, that is, "disaster prevention park" with market price.
(This subject property is Noda Central Park.

The mainland (Toyonaka-shi Noda-machi area) was an area where there were densely populated residential buildings with a very small site scale, before conducting the section planning project around 1975.

From 1994, Toyonaka City undertook comprehensive maintenance of existing urban areas while combining various methods such as comprehensive maintenance projects for residential areas and land subsection reorganization projects.

It was converted in 2005. And it became a nearly shaped landscape at present.

■ 西側大阪航空局が管理する移転補償跡地(森友学園建設用地)豊中市所有地(野田中央第2公園)がある。
On the west side, there are a relocation compensation site owned by the Osaka Aviation Bureau (the site of Moritomo Gakuen Construction) and the city property of Toyonaka City (the site of Noda Central Second Park Construction).

■ 東側
The eastern side is Noda Central Park Construction Site.

Next, I will explain the use plan of the mainland (the land on the east side:Nada central Park).
The target property is flat land of 120 meters north and south, 80 meters east and west、 the Toyonaka city wants to maintain this land as disaster prevention capability as Noda Central Park(temporary name) .

 However, the above was not true feelings of Toyonaka city.

If Toyonaka city does not buy , the country said to sell to other people, so we decided to buy only the land on the east side. However, the country later lent western land to Moritomo Gakuen and finally sold it for 2 million yen as free as Zero yen(Comment of Mr. Makoto Kimura, Member of Toyonaka City Assembly) 

Local residents also requested construction of disaster prevention parks.
In particular, based on the lessons learned from the Great Hanshin Awaji great earthquake disaster, it is urgent to develop wide-area evacuation areas as public open spaces to serve for wide-area evacuation to protect the lives of citizens from urban fire at the time of a disaster.
We decided to locate this area as an urban wide area evacuation area, and we decided to vacate as an urban park combining disaster prevention functions.

The area requirement of wide-area evacuation areas is more than 10But this land is less than 10ha.

However, there is a standard that it is regarded as
a wide-area evacuation area if it is 10㏊ or more together with the public open space (Tenth Junior High School, Noda Elementary School) .

The area of Noda area is 14.2㏊. Among them, the open area is about 6.4㏊, and we estimate that Toyonaka city can secure the safety of evacuees of 22,000 people.

The above is false explanation.It is not the area of the open space but the area of the park itself needs to be 4 ㏊ or more or 8 ㏊ or more.

Noda-cho is a small area with a population of 1507 people (804 households).

合計 19687㎡≒2㏊

Moritomo Gakuen Site 8770 m²
Noda Central Second Park Site 1425 m²
Noda Central Park Site 9492 m²
Total 19687 m² ≒ 2 ㏊

In Noda-cho,
the disaster prevention park could only be built in the primary evacua
tion area.

Kinki Treasury Bureau has requested Toyonaka City for purchase within this year (2010).We plan to complete this case by 2011.

【Kadono committee member】 There is still ordinary property of the Osaka Aviation Bureau on the west side. From now on, how do you plan on here?

【Wada General Manager】Toyonaka City requested that the park should be used as much as possible, but refused it as an excuse for financial problems.The policy of disposing of it once again has not changed.

Wada General Manager
 told a lot of lies.So his explanation was incoherent.

【Okuda Chairman】 Since there is no particular objection, we will decide according to the original proposal and report to that effect.

● 裏切られた元地権者達(157名)


Former landowners betrayed (157 people)
From the 1970s to the 1990s, the country has promoted nationalization of the land under the cooperation of Toyonaka City. Originally, the Toyonaka City Council resolved in 1999 to construct a disaster prevention park that plays a role as a primary evacuation site in the event of a disaster. However, because the land is used in a form(Shinzo Abe elementary school) different from the original purpose, he is angry with "betrayed". "There is not garbage in that land,"(Mr. Kanemitsu, the village chairman of Noda Town)

 Who wrote
the scenario of paying 2 million yen to realize Shinto elementary school?

● タダより高いものは無い


There is nothing higher than free
We are a matching couple.

Mr. Kagoike who is detained in the Osaka Detention Center for nearly 4 months, has appealed to leave here early and wish to return home.

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